why there is no anti site or cafe for eva !

she is pure japanese and act and always will favor japanese yet why this half japanese deserve better treatment than half korean?Are we nuts?Why treat japanese better than own kind?This girl try to get spotlight all for herself in global talk show and try to be celebrity by that.Too many people like only like her ignore other girls on show and it disgust and should disgust all korean that we,re treating japanese like god who tortured and cout us open alive for biological warfare and now worship her.it looks like all koreans are turing japanese and not none of us are true koreans!Something must change now!since she closed her fan forum on her site we need site or cafe or leave message on talk show or golden bell forum!How come there is anti site for korean celebrity but not japanese?Can anyone please make anti site for eva or anti cafe?If nobody does which whom not all disgrace to true koreans i,ll do it soon so if you,re korean and think you,re leave lot of harsh word for eva!Be gone japan forver!God bless korea!